Monday, June 25, 2007


Well I did it! I finished my book. Finally after days staring at the computer screen, rewriting and editing I have finally created a product I am happy with. I went on and spent a couple of hours creating the actual book. And now I am officially published. . .self-published that is.

I ordered a copy for myself to see before I make it available to the public. Once it's available, I'll put a link on for anyone to be able to order the book.

Here is the synopsis I finally came up with:

Golden Rain

by Kelli Mustard-Davis

Golden Rain is the coming of age story of young swimmer, Jessica Martin. When Jessica attends an intense summer camp for elite swimmers, she finds herself immersed in the toughest competition that she's ever experienced. A young, novice coach, Brad Davenport, discovers Jessica's hidden talent and takes her under his wing. Together they find a budding romance as they take the swimming world by storm. Brad believes Jessica's got what it takes to become an Olympic champion.

A tragic setback turns Jessica's world upside down. She must find a will to survive and battle back against all odds. Along the way she meets Jon, someone completely different than anyone Jessica has ever known. Now she has many tough decisions to make includeing whether she wants to follow true love or follow her dreams.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy 80th Uncle Walter

Today we went to a local race that Tom was running. The kids enjoyed face painting and balloons before the race. Tom ran well and we all enjoyed the morning. Then it was straight to Kylie's last day of soccer (which she is very happy it is over!). Then it was off to Tom's Great-Uncle Walter's 80th birthday party. We were entertained with magicians and clowns. It was fun seeing Aunt Alice (Walter's sister) too! What a great day!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Last Day of School - Finally!

Today was Melanie's last day of school and it being a half day, we had several of her friends over for a party. It was tons of fun with the water slide, sprinklers and FOOD! We all got to find out who everyone's 2nd grade teachers will be, so that was fun comparing classes.

We also enjoyed watching our adorable mom and dad Chickadees keeping track of their baby in the birdhouse. They were very guarded and watchful with all those noisy kids around.

Tomorrow we are going to sleep in!!!

Here's some photos from our party and of our birds!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Brownies 2007

My first year as a Brownie Girl Scout leader has come to an end. We ended things on a high note with a camping trip over the weekend. The weather was perfect for canoeing, archery, games, crafts, songs and s'mores around the campfire. We did lots of awesome things throughout the year including service project for hospice, the MSPCA, and our soldiers in Iraq. We also marched in the Memorial day parade last week, took field trips to a horse farm and to the Coast Guard station where we met two real female pilots.

Here are photos of the girls getting ready for the parade and Melanie's fairy boat that she made at camping.