Sunday, February 8, 2009

Melanie's first piano recital

Melanie did an excellent job at her very first piano recital today. She played three songs:

"A Song of Penny Candy"
"The Man in the Moon"
"The Party"

Watch the video to see her in action!

MVI 3127

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life. . .

Times are tough. . .as I sit here watching the snow squall around me, I think of all the things that are weighing on my mind today. My dad, so sick still. My mom taking care of him day and night. The economy in the world getting worse and worse every day while we who are self-employed worry about what it will mean for us. Travel coming up, while always fun, is an added stress with the expense of it all and concerns about glitches in the weather or other glitches as yet unforseen. . .Friends who are struggling in these tough times and gloomy moods all around. . .Somedays it's hard to snap out of the reverie, but also we can't let ourselves become consumed by it. Winter is half over. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The sun is shining in Florida. . .

This past weekend we had a very happy occasion to celebrate Melanie's 9th birthday with her friends for her first real slumber party. Her actual birthday is Feb 10 - the day we fly out to Florida. We have an incredibly busy weekend coming up so we decided to have her party a little early. We had 9 guests for an American Girl themed party. They each brought their dolls for a total of 11 girls and 11 dolls! When they arrived they set out their sleeping bags in the playroom, then were given menus for dinner. We served pasta with their choice of toppings, bread and veggies. For dessert they got to decorate their own cookies and make their own sundaes.

After dinner they made fleece sleeping bags and pillows for their American Girl Dolls, then picture frames complete with photo of them and their doll taken and printed by Tom. Then we made paper fortune tellers for them to play with.

After presents, I set up the projector in the playroom and they then watched Chrissa Takes a Stand (the new American Girl Doll movie) on the wall - just like the theater. After the movie they all brushed their teeth and off to bed!

Yeah, right. . .4 hours later (3:30) they were still awake, talking and laughing. I finally had to pull Melanie out of the playroom and put her in her own bed to get them to quite down. Finally rest!

All in all it was a great, fun and memorable night! I'm sure Melanie will remember this sleepover for years to come. I still remember all the slumber parties I ever had. . .and I remember how much fun and how little sleep I got too. It's all part of the experience. . .part of life. . .