Thursday, September 27, 2007


Even though the reasons for traveling to Kansas were grim, it was great to be able to see our family and friends. I hadn't been home for over a year, so any chance to see them all is welcome. One friend in particular, Karen, I hadn't seen since we were freshman in college. I hate to admit it but that was 15 years ago! Yikes! Above is a picture of my reunion with Karen and Kim. We were voted as best friends in our high school yearbook and served on the Lionettes dance team together. It was great to be with both of them again.

I am happy to report Kim is doing awesome. She just got back from Hawaii and looks terrific (and very healthy!). She bought herself a zippy little convertible that I got to ride in. Wow! I'm jealous! She also brought me an authentic Hawaiian pineapple which I carried all the way back to Massachusetts. The girls and I are enjoying it!

I spent an afternoon hanging out with a couple of my OT buddies, Michele and Amy at Michele's house. It was a low key day, letting the kids play while we watched the Chiefs win their home opener. They have grand ideas of our Fab 5 taking a Disney Cruise together next summer. Our little group of 5 has now turned into 20 members (counting husbands and kids). Next year will be our 15th year since we met each other in cadaver lab. Seems like just yesterday we were bonding over the lovely smell of formaldehyde and our deceased guy's body parts.

We got to spend lots of time with my brother and his wife, Joni and Alex. The girls love hanging out with their cousin. They have so much fun together. We really enjoyed the Norman Rockwell Exhibit at Kansas City's Union Station and of course the Deanna Rose Farmstead is always a must see! Everytime we got there, they have new things to see and do. Here are the girls at a Rockwell soda fountain, Kylie feeding a goat a milk bottle at the farm and the cousins posing on a cow.

Tom missed us while we were gone and we missed him too. He has been crazy busy at work and it's not slowing down for awhile!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What I love about Kansas in September

Beautiful! Need I say more?

In Memory of Kay Simon

September has brought us unexpectedly to Kansas for the funeral of my grandmother, Kay Simon. She passed away on September 14, just 3 weeks after turning 95 years old. She had fallen a few weeks ago at the assisted living facility breaking 3 ribs and had difficulty recuperating. Here is a photo of her on her 95th birthday.

We had the funeral in Washington, Kansas, a small town where my grandmother played the organ at the Methodist Church for 35 years. My favorite memory of my grandmother was her playing the church bells for us (you could hear them throughout the town), calling us to church.

Here is also some photos of the the great grandchildren who could make it to the funeral. Melanie and Kylie are joined by their cousin Alex and my cousin's two daughters, Kelsey and Lauren. Also here is a photo of Grandma's house that my grandfather built with his own hands in 1937. In this two bedroom home they raised three daughters. It holds tons of memories from my childhood. We would visit along with our relatives from around the country and somehow Grandma would find room for 10 or more of us at once. We used to play croquet in the backyard, marbles in the living room and take long walks up and down the sidewalks. It is now on the market for someone else to start some of their own memories.