Saturday, December 29, 2007


Last summer I wrote a new book titled Crossroads. After I wrote it I
let it sit for awhile because it was kind of an emotional story for me
to write. It's about a family's struggle with a cancer diagnosis and
it was inspired by my best friend who recently combatted cancer
(successfully). As I was writing it my father in law was going through
chemo and radiation and just as I finished it, my father was diagnosed
with cancer and my mother underwent brain surgery (all in the same
week). It was tough for me to read it again to edit it (and my mom is
my usual editor), so it remainied untouched for awhile. Once she was
feeling better I sent it to her and she edited it and I gave it to
family as Christmas gifts. I have gotten such a positive response from
those who have read it that I have decided to release it to the
public. It's NOT a sad story! I don't like sad stories or sad endings,
so you will never catch me writing one. It's about strength and
inspiration during tough times (with a side story of mystery). If you
are interested you can purchase the book at Enter my
name Kelli Davis in the search and you will be taken to all my books.

Here's the synopsis:

Corruption, scandal, murder, intrigue. Anne Stone deals with these
issues on a daily basis with unflappable conviction. She ran from
abuse at the hands of her alcoholic father to become one of the
nation's top investigative reporters. One call from her sister, Megan
threatens to disrupt Anne's career when she finds out that their
mother, Anita has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is refusing
treatment. Anne remembers her mother as a person who never stepped in
to help Anne when her father was on a rampage and Anne has to dig deep
within herself to find compassion for a woman who turned her back on
her own family.

Anne's love for her sister ultimately is what convinces her to return
home and offer support. Once home, Anne is forced to work on her
relationship with her mother and often is tempted to give up and
return to New York. But something helps convince Anne to stay in
Colton, Colorado and it has nothing to do with Anne's mother or

Enter Kaylee Taylor. Kaylee is a feisty, imaginative six year old who
is battling leukemia for the second time in her young life. She shares
a chemotherapy room with Anita and brings life and joy to a dismal
setting. And beside Kaylee sits her father, Jake Taylor - a man whom
Anne grew up with. As children they skipped rocks, climbed trees, rode
motorcycles, skinny dipped and played practical jokes on their
siblings. Jake knows all about Anne's troubled home life and may hold
the answer to her being able to put the past behind her.

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