Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

Kylie started Kindergarten today. She was so brave as the big yellow bus pulled up, yelling, "Come on Nani!" (what she calls Melanie). She was smiling from ear to ear when she got on. I met the bus at school and took a few more pictures and she was a little more subdued (after 25 minutes on the hot bus) and seemed a little nervous. But she gave me a small wave and smile and followed her fourth grade guide into the building.

Getting off the bus at school

Sean, the fourth grade guide gathers his students
Walking in with the other kids

I am watching two other little girls on Tuesdays and here they are after an afternoon of playing hard. . .worn out kindergarteners!

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OConnellFamily said...

I thought you guys were wing... who does she have? Owen has AM Sullivan... that's funny. I swear... kindergarteners are coming out of the woodwork!