Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Big Bash

We couldn't let a opening weekend of High School Musical 3 go by without a big celebration. Our friends threw a dance party and invited just about all the girls they know. The kids had a blast running and dancing, playing "hot microphone" (hot potato with a blow up mike), backpack relay (relay race to fill up a backpack of school supplies, freeze dance and HSM trivia. After a fun filled afternoon we all headed to the movie - all 22 kids plus parents then were joined by several other friends at the theater.

The movie was great, but we need to see it again now that we know the story line, so we can just sit back and enjoy the singing and dancing. I especially liked the scene where Troy and Chad sing "Boys are Back," reminiscing about their childhoods and flashing back to when they liked to play superheroes and army men (now having to be grown up and make college choices). It reminded me of those high school days when we still liked to occasionally break out the Chutes and Ladders and dress the Barbies for the prom.

Here are some photos from the party and below are some videos of them dancing. Oh, and there's a pic in here of Kylie losing her top front tooth at church today when she "ran into" Melanie's hand with her mouth. It was quite the scene.

Did I mention that both girls had sleepovers last night? Melanie was functioning on about 5 hours of sleep, Kylie on 7. They went to bed early tonight!

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