Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Place!

Kylie's Mini Silver Team took first place in their first competition together! (Don't tell anyone that there was only one mini level 1 team there!). They did well considering their uniforms didn't come in on time and they are still polishing their routine. Kylie was nervous today. She had missed a two hour practice the week she was sick and it has taken her some time to get back into the swing of things. But she did well today. She got dropped. . .if you watch the video you'll see the little girl she was standing on hop up while Kylie was still standing on her, but it wasn't a far fall. She got right back up and kept on going. It threw her off for the rest of the performance. I could tell she was having a hard time focusing. She told me after she almost cried and stopped all together, but she didn't. I was proud of her that she was able to keep going. They have another competition in March, so they have some time to get it together and fine tune things a bit. You can see Kylie in the video below in all black. She starts on the far right hand side. She's one in a full uniform becasue she has her uniform from last year. Then she runs to the far left where she is dropped (can't miss it!). Later she does a little cartwheel in front. Then she gets a little lost. . .but she hangs in there. Just wait. By the next competition she'll be smiling from ear to ear and have it down pat.

Oh, by the way. . .the rest of the Xtreme teams did Xtremely well! One of the level 2 teams took Grand Champion for their level. The lady next to me in the stands (from the host group) asked if they were going to nationals this year, because they were really impressive. Great job girls! And the new Special Needs team, The Shining Stars were awesome. They got a standing ovation. It's great to see some of the kids I have worked with in the past be a part of that team.

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