Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday Night

We've had a busy couple of days. Kylie played soccer yesterday. . .her second game. She still is very shy about participating but seemed to do a little better than last week. There were friends of ours at the field and Melanie was having so much fun running around with one of the little girls, we left her there to play. I went to pick her up later at their house and ended up spending 2 hours visiting with the mom. I wonder where the day goes!

Last night we had a really fun night. Tom was working late and my friend Donna's husband was out of town, so she had some moms over for drinks and food. I took Melanie and Kylie along to play with Donna's daughter. The moms laughed and talked for several hours while the girls played. Melanie spent the night, but I carried a sleeping Kylie home around midnight.

Today we were all sleepy, but we managed to get to church for me to teach Sunday School.

I got a little time this afternoon to work on my book. I have changed a bunch of stuff and realize that I have to rewrite most of the last half. It will take lots of editing and work.

Time for Desperate Housewives!

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Donna said...

Hi Kelli, yes, the big and little girls had fun on Saturday night.

need to finish busy at work!