Friday, January 11, 2008

More photos of our trip and Thanks for the support

I must have sounded really stressed and frustrated in my last blog entry because I have gotten tons of wonderful emails and phone calls from friends and family offering words of encouragement. Yes, I was stressed at the moment I wrote that! But, writing it and getting it all out helps me immensely. It kind of helps me stop thinking about it because my mind is swirling with the thoughts. Once I put all my thoughts in order and down on paper, I tend to stop dwelling on them as much. It's the same as when I'm inspired to write a book. I need to get it out and when I do I feel much better!

I know my girls are wonderful and beautiful. I see that in them everyday. I hate to see them struggle with things but I think it bothers me more than them. They are so strong and confident. I am very proud of them! Kylie has recently started reading Dick and Jane and Melanie is doing awesome with her math and reading, not to mention I am amazed daily by her kindness and helpfulness around the house and with her sister. She seems really grown up lately.

And I'm excited that I now may have a solution to my swallowing difficulties. The comment from Grace in my previous post about applesauce really worked (at least one time anyway). And I have an appointment set up with my primary doctor next Wednesday and have already written down everything I need to tell him (so I don't have to think about it) AND, Melanie's pediatrician called out of the blue to set up the MRI of the spine. . .that was unexpected. I guess the neurosurgeon called him right away and had him order the MRI even though we kind of left it up in the air as to whether we were going to do it or not.

So, see things are looking up already! We just need to take it one day at a time.

Tom took some separate photos of our trip to New York and Pennsylvania. Here are a few...

The World Trade Center - this is the view from inside the subway terminal of the "hole" that used to be the World Trade Center. Very sobering and dramatic.

Here's a photo of us at the American Girl Place for Brunch:

Here is Janet reading to the kids Christmas Eve:

The house all lit up and our stockings and tree:

The purple Horse quilt Janet made for Melanie and opening of the Wii!

And here are some family photos:

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