Sunday, February 10, 2008


Kylie has been expressing an interest in cheerleading for awhile and I promised her when she turned 5 we would go check it out. So, in January we visited the new local competitive cheerleading group in town called Xtreme Cheer and Kylie immediately loved it. She was added to the Mini Level 1 team that has been practicing together for several months already. I was worried she was too far behind and would think it was too hard. The other girls already knew most of the routine and all can already do their cartwheels. But Kylie wasn't discouraged - she loves it!

Their first competition was in Woburn yesterday. Watch the above video - Kylie is the littlest. She starts out in the front, rolls to the left (her right), is on the right side for the first stunt (her left), is in the middle for the cheer and stays on her knee while the other girls do their cartwheel. Then she is in the back for Work it Out, goes UP HIGH in the stunt for Fabulous and then is in the back on the left for the last dance and goes up once again for the final formation. They compete again in 2 weeks and I will try to zoom in more on her.

There are some great photos of her on this website:

So what did Kylie say after she was finished? "I want to do it again!"

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