Saturday, February 9, 2008

Melanie's Birthday Party

Last Saturday, we celebrated Melanie's 8th birthday with her friends with a High School Musical 2 birthday party(Her birthday is actually tomorrow - the 10th). Ten of her closest friends came to enjoy the games, dancing, pizza and cake. On arrival, each girl was given a quiz to see which HS Musical character they were most like. We ended up with 7 Sharpays, 3 Taylors and 1 Gabriella (Melanie). Sharpay is the snobby, rich and sometimes mean girl - it's interesting most of the girls wanted to be just like her (including my Kylie!). Taylor is the smart, conservative character. I think it's a good sign we have 3 Taylors in our midst. And the Gabriella is smart, but also a little fun.

The cake was done by Lisa at Delicious Desserts in Falmouth. She is one of the top gourmet wedding bakers in the area. She and Tom have worked together at many weddings and have referred business to each other. The cake was a huge hit! Everyone loved it.

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