Monday, July 9, 2007

Cape Bounty

OK. . .you can now purchase a copy of my book - but Not Golden Rain yet. Golden Rain is a really long book that took me 12 years to write. After I finished it, another story flowed out of me. It's a much shorter, simpler story. . .a perfect summer read for the beach. Since Golden Rain is so long and I made it into hardcover first, it takes much longer to print, that's why I don't have my copy yet. But I did get an email today that it's on its way.

So, now to tell you about Cape Bounty. I got my copy and made a few changes and I have now made it available to the public.
OK? So, here's the synopsis:

Maggie Baker has the perfect life - two gorgeous little girls, a devoted husband and a nice home on Cape Cod. In one tragic instant, her life is changed forever and leaves Maggie lost, alone and confused. Matt Bennett is the new doctor in town. Moving from New York City to become a family physician, he plans to work on his marriage and start a family with his wife, Judy. When old flames Matt and Maggie meet after 18 years apart, they are taken back to a time when life was not so complicated and remember what it is like to feel love from another person.

So if that interests you at all, here is the link to purchase the book if you are so inclined. It's $10.99 plus a couple dollars for shipping. If you do buy it and like it, feel free to spread the word to your friends. If you don't like it, well maybe just keep it to yourself. Thanks!! - Search for Cape Bounty


Anonymous said...

Hey Honey -

Great Job on publishing your work! I am very proud of you and love you lots and lots! Don't be discourged by idots like me.


Patry Francis said...

Sounds like an intriguing premise!

Cindy said...

Kelli- Aunt Freddie has been sending my updates. We are very proud of you. I just ordered you book and Kelsey and I can't wait ot read it.

Take care and give our love to Tom and the girls.