Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer Daze

What I love about summer -

Taking walks
Relaxing on the beach
Reading in my adirondak chair while the kids play in the backyard
Catching up on movies
Not having anything to do
Eating seafood
Staying up late
Sleeping late

I wish this was what summer was really like! We are busy, but we find time to do some of those things. Two weeks ago, Kylie had Princess Ballerina Camp which I think was specifically designed with her in mind. She chose her outfit carefully every morning, dressed head to toe as either a ballerina, princess or fairy. They got to watch a bit of a movie everyday, do a princess themed craft and learn to dance. At the end of the week they did a little performance for us, which was unbelievably cute.

This week we all had Bible school at our church. I was one of the bible story teachers for the 1st-6th grade, while Melanie and Kylie attended. We all had a great time and we all learned tons of new songs, made great crafts (a really cool birdhouse and a jewelry box painted like the beach were my two favorites), and made lots of new friends. It was a great week.

I have been catching up on my reading as well. A couple of weeks ago I read The Liar's Diary by Patry Francis . She is a local writer and The Liars Diary is her first published book. She was the person who inspired me to start my blog in the first place after reading a story about her in the Cape Cod Times. My friend Wendy gave me her book and I couldn't put it down.

Then I read the novel, The Edge of Winter by one of my favorite authors, Luanne Rice. She is very inspirational to me in my writing. She writes beautifully about New England in all of her novels.

The next book I read was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the second time. I wanted to read it again before I see the movie. I had forgotten a lot of what happened.

Now it's on to Janet Evanovich's 13th book about Stephanie Plum - Lean Mean 13. I started it last night and am almost finished today. All her books are a quick, fun and relaxing read. I love that she is seeing two men at once. It keeps things interesting!

Next I'll be reading Harry Potter's 6th book before I read the newest book (I hear a rumor that I'm getting number 7 for my birthday, so I'm not buying it yet!).

As far as my book sales go, things are great! I can't believe how many have sold already on Lulu! And the reviews have started to come in. I have two gracious reviews on Lulu (one is from my mom, of course she loves it. . .Thanks mom!) and I've gotten some great feedback via email and in person. I can't share those because most of them are spoilers to the ending. If you liked the books, feel free to leave feedback for others and pass along the word!

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