Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bop To the Top!

I almost forgot to take a picture of the girls in their costumes! I thought of it just as we were leaving for Trick or Treating. They are wearing their costumes and dress up clothes all the time, so seeing them for Halloween is just like any other day.

Kylie missed her Halloween party at school. She was still not feeling well and battling the rash. I gave her Benadryl Wednesday morning, she slept ALL afternoon and by Trick or Treating time was feeling well enough to go. So far as of Saturday, the rash has not come back again, but then again neither has her appetite.

Melanie is Gabriella and Kylie is Sharpay from High School Musical. If you've seen the movie, just think of the characters' personalities and they fit perfectly with who is in which costume.

We had fun trick or treating in our new neighborhood and handing out candy to all the neighbors. Tom and took turns taking the girls out, then we left our candy bowl on the front step and jumped in the car and headed to our old neighborhood. Our old neighbors were happy to see us (we were only their second trick or treaters) and we got to stop in on our old house. The new owners invited us in for a minute and we got to see all the changes they made. The girls were a little weirded out to see their old house with hardwood floors!

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