Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Storm update

We had quite the adventure Saturday and Sunday. The Nor-Easter dropped tons of rain and lots of wind on us. We had branches down all over the place, but no trees in our yard. Our basement filled up with water from one of the window wells, so we spent a majority of the storm trying to deal with that. Tom spent an hour out in the wind and rain digging a ditch from the window well out to the yard to drain the water away which really seemed to help. Luckily he took a break at the opportune moment because when he went back outside there was a huge branch in his place that had dented the ground when it hit. We lost power for about 18 hours and had a fun time camping out in our bedroom in front of the fire place. Here's a pic of the girls sound asleep cuddled up with the dog while the storm raged outside. The mail from Saturday was whipped from inside the mailbox and flew around the neighborhood. We were able to collect some of it Sunday morning and found that we actually got some really important mail that day - some of which was never recovered. Ahhh well, that's our luck it seems!

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