Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter - Tom's post

I couldn't have said this better myself, so this is directly from Tom's blog:

Easter & New Beginnings
Spring is here - well at least the calendar says it's spring. Still a bit chilly these days but the Red Sox started playing ball for real at 6am this morning and won their first game of the season! It's a new start in more ways than one.
Over the weekend my family and I went to Rhode Island to visit my Dad and his wife Donna for Easter dinner. Last year my Dad and Donna where visiting us in our new home for Easter dinner but we were hit with a bit of scary news that Easter as my Dad had just been diagnosed with cancer in his neck. That Easter he was looking for a Dr. and treatment.

It was a long journey and certainly parts of it where difficult however I'm happy to say he is cancer free today. His battle did leave some complications with eating. Something that most of us take for granted every day. We all thoroughly enjoyed the meal that they prepared yesterday. Dad actually ate everything on his plate!!! It was funny watching him slam down his fork and declare "I did it!!" It was the first time since last spring he has been able to eat something other than soup or something out of a feeding tube.

I couldn't be more proud of him & Donna for their courage to battle through this difficult challenge in their lives. Here is a few photos I took of him after dinner before we headed back home.

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