Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Tease

I had the day all planned today. . .I was off from work, we had no committments or obligations, no birthday parties to go to so I was actually going to the get the house completely cleaned and the laundry done. But then I was thrown off by the fact that the sun was shining and the thermometer on our deck said 65 degrees (with the sun directly on it). This comes after cold windy and rainy days that have been going on for weeks.

So, Kylie and I unearthed our chair cushions and headed outside for lunch. This of course got me to see all the leaves and sticks that still need to be cleaned up in the yard, so we took advantage of the weather and got to work.

Four weary hours later, I'm stiff and sore and have barely made a dent in the leaves. The house still needs to be vacuumed and the laundry still needs to be done, but Kylie and I had a great time. While I raked, she built a home out of sticks, berries and wood and played with Jayhawk (who is also very sore right now!). The fresh air and the taste of spring was worth it.

And what is spring without the first Seafood Sam's of the season? They close every winter and just had their March opening last week. Sorry I didn't get a photo of the food. By the time it arrived we just dug in! Now if we can just get Twin Acres ice cream opened we'll be ready for summer!
Too bad the forecast says more rain, cold and wind on the way.

Waiting for the buzz.

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