Friday, March 14, 2008

Kylie's Secrets

I always say I am going to write down some of the cute stuff my kids say to remember it, then I never do in time before I forget it. But Kylie has said some funny things this week that I wanted to share before the thought slipped out of my mind. Here are our conversations:

Me: Kylie, come on you need to get dressed for school.
Kylie: Just a minute.
Me: No, now. We only have 15 minutes and you're not dressed.
Kylie: Just a minute. I'm busy.
Me: What are you doing? (I see her sitting on the bottom step with her hands folded in front of her).
Kylie: I'm praying.
Me: Excuse me, I don't want to interrupt your prayers, but can you pray that we make it to school on time?
Kylie: Please Jesus get us to school on time.


Me: Kylie, who are you talking to?
Kylie: I'm talking to Jesus.
Me: What are you telling him?
Kylie: It's a secret, mommy.

Later Friday:

I share the story with Melanie and Tom about Kylie's secret prayers. Melanie thinks she knows the secret and guesses. . .
Melanie: She praying for mommy to let her take her blankie with her wherever we go.
Kylie: NO! That's not it!
Melanie: What is it then?
Kylie: I'm praying that I will always have Mark in all my classes!
Tom: Who is Mark?
Kylie: My boyfriend, duh!

How did we go from blankies to boyfriends???

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