Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Tom!

Whew! We pulled it off somehow! I managed to plan two big surprises for Tom's 40th birthday.

First, his college buddies, Ken, Jay and David came in from out of town to surprise him for the weekend. We met up with them for lunch and Tom was genuinely really surprised. His parents, the girls and I left him there to hang out and have a few brews while we went home and got set up for the next surprise - a big party! He showed up to a backyard full of guests. Again, he was totally blown away.

Now that's a BIG remote! Thanks Maryjo and Greg! Now surely he can't lose that!

Cool Red Sox jacket from Frank and Helen and a Marcia Duggan original cutting board. Great gifts!

52 hamburgers, 17 hot dogs and most of a keg of beer were consumed. Now that's a party! Today we celebrated again (his actual birthday) with lobster and the rest of the keg. Can anyone say time for bed (and a diet)?
The morning after with the out of towners - Jay, Katie, Dave and Ken
Our lobster feast!
Watch the video below for the surprise at the house. At the end Kylie (with her mouth full of food)was asking me if we can tell him the truth now. It was really hard for her to keep the secret. She didn't like lying to Daddy!!!!

Happy Birthday Honey! Love you!

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