Monday, May 12, 2008

Second Star to the Right

Another busy weekend for us! Tom got a last minute phone call from Martha's Vineyard High School this week saying they needed a prom photographer. So amongst all his other events for the weekend, he now had a prom. . .on an island that in order to get to, he would have to take his Jeep on a boat and stay overnight. And he invited me along.

So Saturday morning after Kylie's ballet recital practice and all Tom's sports events (which ended up getting all canceled anyway because of rain!), and we dropped the girls off with my very gracious, friend Amy, we hopped on a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. We had just enough time to find our hotel, change clothes and get to the prom site. We had a wonderful meal right on the water in Menemsha at the Beach Plum Inn before the prom couples arrived.

The next morning, we had a quick breakfast and hopped back on the ferry. The girls were at church when we got back, Amy dropped them at the house and we quick fed them lunch and dressed for the recital.

Below is the video for the recital (shhhh!). It starts out with Kylie in the back row - a little bit difficult to see. She is the shortest, so easy to spot. Then they move and she's in front and you should be able to tell who she is. This is a class of mostly kindergarteners, so they are all a year older than Kylie (we had to choose it for scheduling reasons). The recital was Peter Pan and they always do such a great job. I wish I could have recorded some of the play itself, but my memory card only holds so much. Kylie's group are the little Tinkerbells who performed when Tink was sad/mad the Peter Pan wanted to bring Wendy back to Neverland with them. The second video is their curtain call at the end of the show.

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