Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy 90th Grandma Mustard!

April is a month for birthdays in our families and this April I just totally flaked on remembering any of them. I even have a calendar with everyone's birthdays on it, but in order for that to be effective, you actually have to read it at the beginning of the month. I did remember my best friend, Kim's 35th birthday which was on Wednesday. Happy birthday Kim! Sorry you had to work all day!

Today is my grandmother's 90th birthday. My parents are taking her out to dinner tonight in Kansas City. It's been a rough year for her. She herself has been healthy, but she had to see the passing of my other grandmother in September (they were friends), help my dad through my mom's surgery and then see my dad (her son) go through his own surgery and learn of the cancer diagnosis. She's spent a lot of time in hospitals over the last few months, but not as a patient, so that's a good thing! I think it was very stressful for her, but things seem to be looking up. My dad has some side effects from the chemo, but for the most part feels pretty good (considering).

This was a photo taken on a trip to Kansas in 2006.

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