Friday, April 18, 2008

The Secret Garden

My favorite book as a kid was the Secret Garden. So, as I am out working in the yard, raking the billionth leaf, I think of Mary, Dickon and Colin working tirelessly in their little hidden garden as they uncover little sprouts of new plants coming up. As I pull the 5 inches of leaves away and see green beneath, it gives a sense of warmth and satisfaction that I am removing the winter blanket so the new plants can grow.

But then the reality sets in that I have soooooo much more work to do. And I don't have Dickon and Colin working next to me or the little bluebird to talk to. . .

A few weeks ago, as Tom and I were working together in our front flower bed (which is absolutely beautiful in the summer), he said, "Doesn't condo life look pretty good right about now?"

Even our neighbors comment as they walk by. . ."you have so much work to do," and "you've really got your hands full with that yard."

This is a photo of our leaf pile after I pulled all the winter leaves out of the gardens (the leaves that hang on the trees until long after fall is over). The photo doesn't do it justice because besides the length here, it's about 5 feet wide.

And here is how my girls and their friends kept themselves occupied while I worked. It's a very elaborate fairy house:

And here are the fairy house creators:

Kylie took the photo at the top of the pink flowers. She was SO excited that our first flowers that appeared in the yard were PINK that I just had to give her the honors of photographing them. She must be a pro because she yelled at me and said, "MOMMY your shadow is covering the flowers!"

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Tom Davis said...

That's my girl!! :-)