Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm a Jay, Jay, Jay, Jay, Jayhawk

Our KU flag fell off the house this week in the wind. We took that as a bad omen, but apparently what happens here has little effect on the team because they beat Roy Williams on Saturday. Oops, I mean they beat North Carolina.

Tonight is the National Championship game! So if the flag can't stay on the house, I found a new home for it on our real Jayhawk. (If any of you ever wondered where he got his name, it's not just because I went to KU, it's because of this - THE FINAL FOUR).

I'm watching the game alone tonight. Tom is at a conference all week, so he left me a sweet note, a pic of himself and his KU hat on his pillow. Ohhhh, how sweet. Only question. . .why isn't he wearing his hat???? He'd better have his good luck Kansas shirt with him (he pulled it out of the dryer - still wet last week when Kansas was struggling against Davidson - it worked!)

The girls both wore their KU shirts to school today. I'll have to take a pic of that later when Melanie gets home. Kylie even put my old Jayhawk hair ribbon in her hair. Cute, cute, cute.

Sorry, Amy, but I really hope you don't win that $150!

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laura said...

Way to go Jayhawks.
They pulled it off