Friday, April 25, 2008

Roger Williams

Today was the last day of school vacation week and we found ourselves with friends at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence. It was a gorgeous sunny day (has been warm and sunny all week!) and the zoo was crowded. But everyone had fun and it was a great way to end the busy week. This pic was taken with my camera phone. We all forgot to bring a real camera.

Tonight as I was tucking Kylie into bed she told me she hoped she had good dreams. She said (forgive me that it's not word for word, but I can't remember every detail!), "This is what I want my dream to be. . .me and Melanie are teenagers and we both have blonde hair with twisties in it, she's wearing a light purple dress with light purple underwear with curlies around the edges, light purple shoes and a silver and diamond necklace with light purple circle earrings with diamonds in the middle and a light purple bracelets with lots of little diamonds and I am wearing a light pink dress with light pink shoes and light pink underwear with curlies around the edges, with a silver and diamond necklace and light pink circle earrings with diamonds and light pink bracelet with diamonds. Neither of us are wearing bras and we are both riding white horses."

Now that's a detailed dream full of diamonds! My kind of girl!

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Amy Paulson said...

Funny. I'm 35 and I still dream that dream.