Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Calling All Heroes

Last week was our church's annual Vacation Bible School. I have helped teach VBS for the last 5 years and this year was co-in charge of Bible stories and snack for 30 first through fourth graders. There were over 20 preschoolers and kindergarteners, so the oldest kindergarteners got moved up to the first grade class - Kylie included. So I had both my girls in my class, but at different times.

This year was the Veggie Tale theme - The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. These unassuming, not real piraty pirates were called on to be heroes, so the week was based on bible stories every day about unassuming heroes. The kids rotated through four different stations each day - science, games, bible story/snack and crafts. The bible story was enforced and reiterated through each of these fun activities and all you have to do is name a day and my girls could name you the bible hero, the snack and the pirate craft they made.

Monday - Moses and the burning bush
Tuesday - Gideon fights the Medianites
Wednesday - Shadrack, Meshack and Abendego and the fiery furnace
Thursday - Peter walking on water
Friday - Paul and the shipwreck
(I could remember them all off the top of my head too!)

It was a lot of work and supplies to get - the teachers had to wear costumes each day and have elaborate props as well as involved snacks, but it really was worth it to see how the kids got into the stories and enjoyed them. It was the first year that kids actually listed the Bible Stories as one of their favorite stops in the day!

The girls in their pirate gear - Booty bag (day 1), pirate bandanas (day 2), treasure chests (day 3), treasure maps (day 4) and message in a bottle (day 5)

And the underlying theme of the week was that even we can be heroes - in the way we treat people and being honest and fair. Good messages we should all remember!

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