Sunday, July 6, 2008

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

This week, Melanie went to a camp for girls and their dogs through 4-H. There, they learned about dog grooming, dog careers, dog first aid, dog obedience and training. They made scrapbook pages, t-shirts, dog treats and dog treat jars. One day they showed the girls how to give baths at the do-it-yourself dog wash in town. Jayhawk was thrilled to be included in doggie camp. It was a long week for me as I had to stay with Jayhawk during the camp to keep him out of trouble while Melanie did the crafts.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Jayhawk, he is our 10 year old puppy. He has a ton of energy and rambunctiousness. He's the dog who barely made it out of puppy school because of his fiesty behavior. So, what a surprise when on the final day when they did their dog show, Melanie and Jayhawk took FIRST PLACE! They even beat out another black lab who is being trained to be a show dog. Wow! The teachers said it was because Melanie was clear and firm with her commands (and I think because she had to work a little harder, knowing his personality). Anyway, she was thrilled after I explained to her that first place is the BEST, not the worst (which is what she thought at first). She also thought because when they announced the first place winner, I couldn't stop laughing that it must be because he was the worst dog there. I said, no, I was laughing because I couldn't believe it.

Jayhawk's least favorite day - Bath Day!

Jayhawk's friend, Buddy likes his bath and sits nice and still!

Training in progress - look at that nice heel

And he can sit!

Receiving their first place award

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