Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Blowout

The girls and I attended an author's book signing today at Titcomb's Bookshop of one of my favorite authors, Claire Cook. Claire is the author of Must Love Dogs and Life's A Beach. She is promoting her new book Summer Blowout which is about a hair stylist - so what better way to promote the book than to offer free hairstyles at the book signing! Melanie and Kylie both got their hair styled in fancy french braids - totally unexpected and fun surprise for them!

Claire was wonderfully gracious, signing all three of her books for me and giving me some great writing advice. I have seen her speak at the Cape Cod Writers' Conference and was moved by her work ethic and engaging personality. Truly a nice person. Thanks Claire!

And hey, all my blog book club readers - buy her book! And if you haven't read Must Love Dogs or Life's A Beach, read those too! They are funny and entertaining! Great for the summer. Then after you've read Must Love Dogs, go rent the movie with John Cusack and Diane Lane. Then tell all your friends to read them too!

Oh, and check out Claire's blog and Titcomb's website. Maybe my girls will end up on both!

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