Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Diary of a thumb - Day 2

Melanie is doing well with the no biting of her nails. She said this morning, "My nails look longer, mommy!" I don't know about that, but I do know that she is really trying not to bite

Then there is Kylie. . .a little more resistant. The taste of the stuff isn't bothering her anymore and she was happily sucking her thumb in front of the TV this morning while I was in the shower. On a good note, her blankie was tucked securely in her bed. I reapplied the nail polish after my shower and she said, "If I can't suck my thumb, I can't live!"

We had a busy day, so the thumb issue wasn't revisited until we were on the way home from the library around 7:00. She had been a chatterbox all day and was suddenly quiet in the backseat. I adjusted my rearview mirror at a stoplight and sure enough - the plug was in the mouth. I said "Kylie. . ." and she said, "I HAVE to!"

While we were reading stories later, she would plop her thumb in her mouth and then tug on my sleeve, smiling. I would stop reading until she took her thumb out and then I would continue. From about 7:30 until 8:30 I think I heard the phrase, "I want to suck my thumb." about 150 times. I put some more stuff on her thumb at bedtime and she said, "I don't care, I like the taste."

Melanie on the other had is doing great. . .no biting all day.

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