Sunday, June 22, 2008

Diary of a Thumb Days 4 and 5

Kylie has backslid considerably. I think she has officially "given up." Everytime I remind her to take her thumb out of her mouth she says, "I don't want a Webkinz!" The blankie has been out of her bed numerous times as well.

The icky stuff definitely doesn't work for her. One night she sucked the other thumb, then in the morning scrubbed her left thumb with toothpaste again to get the taste off. She's too sneaky and strong willed for me to keep track of. My plan is to continue with the enforcement of keeping the blankie in her bed even during story and movie times. Then during the stories, I will continue to stop reading if she's sucking and try to keep her hands busy by holding the book or turning the pages. During movies it will be trickier, but I could turn the movie off until she takes her thumb out or have her color or draw while watching. (she doesn't multi-task well though). I can't stop her at nighttime, but I can try to show her that she doesn't need her thumb to relax. The rest of the day, she's pretty good as long as she's busy.

Melanie hasn't bit her nails once since I put on the stuff. Way to go Mel!

I gave up coffee the same day the girls gave up their bad habits. I switched to an herbal green tea and have felt great since. I haven't been tired at all (except 10:00 at night) and I've been sleeping better and later everyday. I also haven't had my typical morning nausea that comes and goes.

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