Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kansas Boys Do Good!

Scot Pollard and Paul Pierce in their Jayhawk days

Since we were in Boston today for Melanie's appointment and the appointment got out right at 11:00 just as the Celtics Championship parade was starting AND there just happened to be an empty cab in front of Children's Hospital, we decided to hop in and head over to Copley Plaza to see if we could catch sight of a couple of the ole' hometown boys.

There was a ton of people! Ton of excited and crazy people. But the girls have experience NYC at Christmas time and Disney along with a million other people, the Celtics parade wouldn't be much different. We bought them shirts right away, took some pictures and they found a spot to watch. I was more interested in possibly catching sight of one of my best friends from college, but unfortunately, if she was there I didn't see her.

I went to KU alongside Scot Pollard who plays for the Celtics. He was apparently injured during most of the playoffs, but I did see his name on the roster AND I saw him on the duck boats (briefly). Scot married a very good friend of mine (at one time) Mindy. She and I were close our freshman and part of our sophomore years, but saw much less of each other once she started dating Scot and eventually lost touch. She is still in touch with my old roommate and pal, Kristi, so I hear about how she is doing now and again. They have three kids - Lolli, Tallulah and Ozzie, so I was thinking maybe they'd be there too since some of the players had their kids with them.

Mindy and me dressed to go out in 1992. . .I think those are her clothes.

I barely got to see Paul Pierce, but I did see the MVP trophy. Paul is also a KU alum, although he was there after I graduated from 1996-1998, just after I moved away from Kansas, so I never got to see him play.

The Lephrechaun

The Trophy

Scot's back (sitting down)

After the parade we followed the mob of people out of Copley and began the long walk back to the car (no cabs to be found this time!). Along the way we stopped for lunch to refuel. The girls were great - barely any complaining and I didn't have to carry Kylie once. It was a beautiful day too - perfect temperatures! Great first day of summer vacation!

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