Sunday, June 8, 2008

Camp Wind in the Pines

Three other Brownie leaders and I took 11 of the members of our Brownie troop camping this weekend. The girls had an amazing time with each other and didn't want to leave. One girl said she wished she lived there and her parents could drive her to school from there every day.

We started out the day with some team building activites. First the girls had to put themselves in order by birthdate without speaking. Then they had to lift each other through a rope "web" by using teamwork and planning. Next they had to find a way to balance on a big board all at once, and finally had to put themselves in order of correct height in a small balance beam (without falling off!). It was fun to see them working together.

We also got to learn all about campfire safety and the girls got to actually light their very first match after specific instructions.

We enjoyed lunch in one of the centers (couldn't find anywhere else to eat and we couldn't check into our campsite until 5:00!). The girls were famished and gobbled down lunchmeat sandwiches, apples and cookies.

Next we headed to the beach for swimming and games. Somehow Melanie got chosen to be the "shark" that had to tag all the rest of the girls as they swam across. She had a great time.

The favorite activity of the day for the girls was the paddleboats. They rode 4, 5 or 6 per boat and the lifeguards chased them around in kayaks, splashing them with their oars. The girls didn't care if they couldn't steer or get away, they loved every minute of it. The male lifeguard said, "stop screaming so much, you're hurting my ears," and the girls responded, "stop splashing us and we'll stop screaming!" He didn't stop splashing them.

After boating we had a few free minutes before craft time. The girls found a useful way to utilze those precious moments with some sunbathing! Strange, we were the only troop I saw doing this! After soakin up a few rays it was off to the craft barn where they decorated hats and made God's eyes. Then it was off to the nature center for a scavenger hunt and exploration of the camp's eco systems.
Finally we were able to check into our campsite where we got our fire started for dinner and unpacked our cars. Dinner was calzones or as the girls called them "pizza boats." We scraped out the inside of a french bread loaf (with a buttered bottom) and filled it with pizza sauce and cheese (and toppings) then wrapped them in aluminum foil and set them on the fire. They gobbled them up! Then of course they had to wash their own dishes.

We had a special treat for them after dinner. One of our leaders, Amy made yearbooks for each of the girls with the special activities we had done throughout the year. It had an autograph page at the back, so the girls had fun signing each other's books.

Then it was back to the main campfire circle where we had campfire songs with all the other troops and roasted marshmallows for smores. (That was my favorite activity!).

The girls were exhausted after our campfire and we got them into PJs and teeth brushed then into their tents for bed. Unfortunately, one of the girls came down with a sudden stomach bug just at lights out time (10:00) and we had to call her parents. I was all set to drive her home and move my other girls into another tent, but then I found out her mom was in the area (coming home from IKEA!) and was able to stop by and pick her up. We were sorry to have her leave, but the stomach thing is going around and we didn't want her to have to be sick all night withour her mom. We hear she's doing just fine this morning.

In the morning we had another campfire for our coffee and cereal for breakfast for the girls, followed by CLEAN UP and a brief stop at the souvenier store. Our final friendship circle was sweet and sad! We will miss this group of girls!

To see the rest of the photos from this weekend follow this link: Shutterfly

Kylie had fun this weekend as well. . .camping out in the RV with Beach Grammy. She lost her first tooth Friday night! Can you believe it??? She had fun at her soccer game yesterday and then to a pool party for one of her friends.

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