Thursday, June 19, 2008

Diary of a thumb Day 3

So far so good for day 3! Kylie made it all the way in the car to and from Boston with no sucking and only one episode of whining "I wanna suck my thumb." Even when she got upset when we got home from Boston - she trying to carry 3 armloads full of stuff out of the car, dropped it everywhere and fell down, started crying so hard she started coughing, threw up all over herself after coughing, then ran to her room - this is when she will typically grab her blankie stick her thumb in her mouth and veg out until she calms down. But, I followed her upstairs and instead of the typical comfort fest, she was changing her own clothes from throwing up on them and was no longer upset.

BUT, then she did end up with her blankie when the TV came on and I found her thumb in her mouth, but she didn't cry or complain when I told her she had to leave it in her bed. We'll see how bedtime goes tonight. Stay posted!

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Amy Paulson said...

Kylie and Melanie have my undying support for their habit breaking! I know you can do it, girls!!!