Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th!

What a great couple of days we had as a family. We did our traditional 4th of July activities starting with Tom running in the annual road race, followed by marching in the town parade, then having a picnic lunch with our friends, participating in some of the field events, then heading to the best part of the day for the kids - FOAM!

My friend, Wendy had the creative idea to have her daughter dress up as a firecracker for the parade and made costumes for Melanie and Kylie too. They sure got a lot of attention and comments. Cute!

Since Jayhawk was such a great dog all week at school, we included him for the first time in the festivities. We figured, now that he's old he should be calm enough to handle it. He started out reeeeealllly wild and energetic and several times I almost turned around and took him home, but once he got acclimated to all the people and had some exhausting running with Tom, he settled down.

We lost Kylie for a few minutes in the foam and people, but she was very brave and found a firefighter to stay with her until I found her. What a good girl!

My girls are in red - that's Sydney in blue

The first school bus in Sandwich

Whew! What a tiring day!

Ready for the egg toss

Running for foam!

Where are my kids?????!!!!????

Jayhawk gets into the fun.

There they are!

Nighttime arrives. Time for some Dale and the Duds, dancing and boat parade

No 4th of July would be complete without our annual cookout. Too bad I couldn't remember where my camera was for the party to get any pictures, but let's just say even without pics it will be a night to remember for a LONG time. Right girls?

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